Monday, August 6, 2012

Shampoo Bar

chamomile lemon shampoo bar

I have recently discovered the shampoo bar and I LOVE it! here is the basic recipe I use.

12 oz grated soap (I re-mill all my soaps. I make tallow soap)

9 oz water (I use spring water, this time it was infused with chamomile)

mix and melt the 2 above together, using a double boiler. it can take a few minutes, be patient it becomes liquid-y. once melted together add :

30 drops of lemon essential oil.

once thoroughly mixed together put into molds and let harden. then pop those soaps out of the mold and let them sit for about 4 weeks to harden fully.

to use the soap bar you can either rub it directly on your hair or you can lather up a washcloth and use the washcloth to wash your hair.

this recipe is customizable!! this particular blend is for blondes (which I am!). here are some oils and things for different hair types :

basil (oily hair) promotes hair growth

nettles conditions all hair types

clary sage (all types of hair) is good for dandruff and dark hair

peppermint (dry hair) promotes hair growth

tea tree (oily hair) is good for dandruff, lice, under-active sebaceous glands

rosemary (oily hair) is a brightener for dull hair