Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dilly green beans, a woodstove and great friends.


finished dilly beans

It’s that time of year again. The veggies are growing heavy on the plants and there is an abundance. Canning jars are being pulled out to save the bounty for the rest of the year.

the girls and green beans

When I first started canning I did it alone and it was a CHORE! nothing I ever looked forward to. But then canning has always been a job for the ladies, yes ladies, plural. Mothers and daughters, friends and neighbors coming together and lightening the load, lending a hand to make the work go faster and the time more enjoyable.  For the first time I was able to be part of “canning party” and shared the work with two of my friends, Kammie and Melissa. What fun!! The work was split up, which made it very easy and the time just flew by. While we worked we were able to chat, to get and give advise, share our thoughts about the happenings around us. Our kids played together, ok not always peacefully but they enjoyed the time they spent with their friends.

This time around we made dilly green beans. Melissa was able to get 23 lbs of them form her CSA, we split the cost. We all brought our own jars and lids. DSC_0005 

After Snapping all the beans we formed an assembly line to make the work go easier and quicker. Kammie and I stuffed beans in the jars while Melissa added the other ingredients and capped them.

assembly line

dilly jars in a row 

Yummy, we were able to get 29 quarts done! YAY!!

And while us ladies were busy in the kitchen the guys were hard at work too. Melissa and Tom needed to have their new woodstove installed.  Once that was installed they still had time to cut some wood.

the guys and the stove

The woodstove looks awesome and, from what I am told, burns wood great. With this “chilly” spell Melissa and Tom were able to test it out.

What a wonderful day for all of us. I love the time spent working and bonding with my new community. It was very fulfilling for me and I walked away with great joy in my heart. I am thankful to find such awesome people to learn and grow with. Never underestimate the power of community and friends. We cannot make this journey alone, we need each other to live complete and whole lives. I am eagerly anticipating our next get together.