Monday, April 7, 2014

Beeswax 'Cling' wrap

in an effort to stop using plastic, especially 'disposable' plastic in our home i have been looking for a 'cling' wrap replacement. After some reading and some blog hopping and i have decided to try what has been claimed an 'old fashion' solution, waxed clothe.

the first i tried is with beeswax, here's what i did:
i gathered the materials muslin and beeswax
the clothe is cut to 13x13, that's because i already have a pattern cut out of plexi glass at that size.
next i prepared the cookie sheet and the oven:
the cookie sheet is lined with foil for easy clean up(ps  this was not enough coverage in beeswax and i had to put more on after i discovered it wasn't enough.)
the oven is set at 185

after about 5 minutes i pulled out the cookies sheets:

not quite ready, see the wax is still solid in parts. it was at this point that i added more wax to the clothe. i made sure that the clothe was entirely covered with beeswax. i put it back in the oven for another minute or 2, until all the grated wax was melted.

after these came out of the oven, i used a knife and spread out the wax as evenly as possible. in other makings folks have used an old paint brush (it will only be used for this purpose, beeswax doesn't clean off of those) to spread around the wax. this also will help get rid of some of the excess wax on the clothe. the wax should just cover the clothe, a nice thin layer.

after the spread and all the clothe i hung the clothe to dry.

i use these to cover the tops of my jars, i have also used them to store cheese. i am going to test them as jar covers for my ferments (kombucha, sourdough).