Thursday, November 21, 2013

starting sourdough starter

how to start a sour dough starter without some one giving you some.

you will need 2 cups flour, 2 cups water and 1 tbs yeast. mix the yeast, flour and warm water in a glass bowl (i found using a 1/2 gallon canning jar to be the best.i had josh put a hole in the plastic top so that i could fit a grommet and a bubbler in it.)  give it a good stir (or shake) and set it aside in a warm place (85-95 degrees) for at least over night, but it is better leaving it 2-5 days. the sourdough should be bubbly, yeast and soury (is that a word??) smelling. you can use it in any bread recipe by replacing the yeast with the sourdough (about 1 cup of sourdough to a packet of yeast, which is about 1 tablespoon). if you want your sourdough to grow add one cup water, one cup flour to it every few days. i put the bubbler cap on mine so that the yeast can breathe and get fresh air, but other things cannot contaminate the sourdough. if you want to save your sourdough for a later date you can store it in the fridge. the cold slows down the reproductive rate of the yeast.