Saturday, March 9, 2013

Orange Wine

orange wine

1st day:
3 dozen clear skin oranges
6 cups of cane sugar
2 quarts of water
1 egg white (save the shell)

2nd day:
1 ounce wet yeast (where i get mine, happens to be local for me ;), brew gadgets)
1 slice white toast

1st day
  peel oranges and save peelings in a separate large mixing  bowl. avoid getting too much white with the peelings, but peel as thin as possible. halve oranges and squeeze (i used my juicer) the oranges. strain juice through a course sieve to remove seeds.put juice into 2 quart fruit jar (half gallon canning jar works well); let stand at room temperature overnight.
  combine sugar, white of egg and 2 quarts of water in a pan and put over low flame to boil. boil until white froth is floating on surface of water. while still boiling hot, strain through a fine sieve in to the bowl containing orange peel. let this stand over night also.

2nd day
combine in a canner kettle (some sort of fermentation vessel, i use a stainless steel pot right now) orange juice and water in which the peelings soaked. throw away the peelings; if they were put into the mash they would make the wine bitter. moisten yeast with a few drops of water and spread on one side of the toast. float toast, yeast side down, on the strain liquid. put in a warm place to ferment for 2 weeks without disturbing.

2 weeks later
strain through several thicknesses of cheesecloth and return to the canner kettle. sprinkle crushed eggshell over the surface and let stand for 2 more days. then siphon into clean sterilized bottles. when siphoning, take care not to get the siphon on the bottom of the canner, for this will draw up the settled material. an inch from the bottom the wine becomes cloudy. stop siphoning and put remainder in a large glass to settle a little longer.
 seal by corking lightly at first and when there are no more signs of fermentation, cork tightly  and seal with paraffin. keep this wine for at least nine months.

this recipe is from the book, How to Make Wine in Your Own Kitchen by Mettja C. Roate